Wilhelm Gustloff: Nejhrozivější námořní katastrofa / Unsolved History: Wilhelm Gustloff – World’s Deadliest Sea Disaster

The ship Wilhelm Gustloff was sunk on the 30th of January 1945 by a Soviet submarine. During the catastrophe, about 9,000 people died, cca 3,000 of them children. The event was not made public. The sinking of the ship Wilhelm Gustloff was one of the biggest tragedies in the history of sea travel. In contrast to the Titanic, it is not much spoken about. The main reason is that the ship was transporting refugees from Eastern Prussia at the end of the war, and the crew of a war submarine was on board, being transported to the location of a battle. Any post-war discussions about this unfortunate event usually ended, for political reasons, with failure and an unwillingness to grant the dead the status of victims.