Fungi: The Web of Life 3D

Houby: Síť života 3D

International Competition
There is a world between fauna and flora that interconnects all life on Earth—nature’s hidden realm of fungi. Look closer at breathtaking time-lapse footage and listen to a fungi expert.
There are millions of fungal species on Earth, but researchers think we have only described about 5% of them. British biologist Merlin Sheldrake guides us through this mysterious kingdom of fungi, unveiling some of its profound secrets. These incredible life forms have a lot to teach us, and they may even be the key to some of humanity’s global problems. We all know that penicillin has saved millions of lives, but few know how many other miraculous secrets the fungal world holds.
Runtime: 39 min.
Country: Australia
Year: 2023
Direction: Joseph Nizeti
Cast: Merlin Sheldrake
Cinematography: Cam Batten
Production: David Gross, Jo-Anne McGowan
Sales: K2 Studios