AFO59 (2024)

  • Bye Bye Universe

    United Kingdom, Czech Republic
    Director: Matthew Bell
    Producer: Sonja Henrici, Natalie Humphreys

    The 40-year global search for Dark Matter has found nothing. As a last-ditch mega-detector is devised, what are the chances of discovering the elusive particle, which supposedly provides the invisible scaffolding for our universe? And why is a former Cambridge superstar pursuing an alternative theory, against all odds?

  • Hunting for dinosaurs

    Poland, Mongolia
    Director: Pawel Chorzępa
    Producer: Joanna Chorzępa

    The indomitable palaeontologist Zofia Kielan-Jaworowska and her team discover the first dinosaur and mammal fossils in Mongolia.

  • Neo Moses

    Czech Republic
    Director: Pavel Borecký

    “Neo Moses” follows the builders of a new Arab post-oil society as they discover the ancient knowledge of a long-forgotten explorer.

  • The Opposite Direction

    Director: Julia Castro
    Producer: Fernando Dominguez

    Looking at nuclear fusion today brings us to the first controlled nuclear fusion reactor, a forgotten story about the future.

  • Sing at My Wake

    Director: Jonathan Pickett
    Producer: Jared Callahan

    The millennial staff at Return Home, the world’s first large-scale human composting facility, work to alter negative public perception, refine the art and science behind their process, and expand access to sustainable deathcare – all the while working with families who’ve opted for this innovative green burial practice.

  • What You Remember

    North Macedonia
    Director: Pauline Blanchet
    Producer: Ljubomir Stefanov

    How one man’s idea to build a capital on the foundations of an unfinished city erased a collective memory, casting a dark shadow over the city’s future identity.

  • Valley of the Night (working title)

    Director: Lynne Seifert
    Producer: Lynne Seifert

    “Valley of the Night” is an experimental documentary that envisions a near future world in Phoenix, AZ, the hottest city in the United States, where nighttime becomes a place of natural refuge as people adapt to living with extreme heat.

AFO58 (2023)

  • A Certain Civilization

    Argentina | science feature film
    Director and producer: Leandro Listorti

    A personal journey to a remote and timeless place on earth, in order to discover what the future will look like.

  • Ghost Dads (working title)

    USA | science feature film
    Director: Tracy Jarett
    Producer: Emma Moley

    When Alice suddenly loses her partner, she makes the unexpected decision to retrieve sperm from his dead body, trying to keep their hopes of a family alive. GHOST DADS explores life, legacy, and loss through the families and medical professionals navigating posthumous sperm retrieval and IVF after death.

  • Phenomena

    Australia | science feature film
    Director: Josef Gatti
    Producer: Rob Innes

    Phenomena is an experimental documentary feature film where art and science collide to reveal naturally occurring patterns, and the forces that create them. An ambitious, visually stunning, and psychedelic journey through the fabric of the universe that explores the connections that bind us and the natural world together.

  • Who is Missing Today?

    Czech Republic | science feature film
    Director: Květa Chalupová
    Producer: Jitka Kotrlová

    A documentary about closeness to nature, hidden dramas, and disappearing birds.

  • Brain – The Creator of Everything

    Brazil, USA | science feature film
    Director: Tiago Tambelli
    Producer: Nuno Godolphim

    In this documentary, neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis guides the viewer through the research that allowed him to connect human brains to machines, and along the way remodel modern neuroscience and open new doors to the future of humankind. With an inside look at Nicolelis’ laboratory experiments, viewers journey through the most advanced discoveries about the potential and limits of the human brain.

  • Carbon Permanence

    Norway, USA | science feature film
    Director and producer: Hans Baumann

    An environmental artist travels across Norway to explore a controversial technology that may determine our climate future.

  • Beautiful Void

    Latvia, Estonia | science feature film
    Director: Andris Gauja
    Producer: Elza Gauja

    A documentary essay on the eternal question: What is the universe made out of?

AFO57 (2022)

  • Amoosed!

    Czech Republic | science documentary film 
    Director: Hana Nováková
    Producer: Kateřina Traburová

    Six incredible encounters of the Moose and Man as a documentary odyssey about the shift in humans’ sensibility towards Nature during the recent sixth mass extinction of species. website

  • Bright Moment

    Czech Republic | VR
    Director: Ondřej Moravec
    Producer: Hana Blaha Šilarová

    How to harmonize the inner landscape of the mind by screaming or whispering? Enter the VR world and uplift your wellbeing.

  • Deep Sea Taxonomy Documentary

    United Kingdom | science documentary film
    Director: Eleanor Mortimer
    Producer:  Jacob Thomas

    The deep sea has come to represent a final frontier of human discovery; the last wilderness on earth. The film follows biologists through the intricate process of discovering deep-sea species as they piece together the unknown ecosystems of the largest biome on the planet.

  • Give, Love, Create

    Hungary | science documentary film
    Director: Márton Vízkelety, Zoltán Moll
    Producer: Julianna Ugrin

    Our story has a potential Nobel-prize winner, a billion-dollar biotechnological start-up story and the hard-gained trust of a larger-than-life character Gyula Dékány. We will take the viewers into the labyrinth of his great scientific mind.

  • Humboldt USA

    USA | science documentary film
    Director: Georg Anthony Svatek
    Producer: Elijah Stevens

    Bighorn sheep relocated by helicopter, VR-capture of ancient redwoods, TikToks of Puerto Rican community organizing. Ecological struggles in three places named after 19th c. naturalist Alexander von Humboldt raises the question: what does it mean to be an environmentalist today?  

  • The Queendom

    Mexico | science documentary film
    Director: Otilia Portillo Padua
    Producer: Paula Arroio Sandoval

    In the deep forests of Mexico, three indigenous women—all scientists—partner with fungi to protect their lands and cultures. The Queendom combines documentary and science fiction to profile their epic journeys.

  • We Have no Words

    United Kingdom | science documentary film
    Director: Rosa Prosser
    Producer: Dominika Baerova

    From “The Lost Words” in Lewis and Harris, to “Lines” of light on the Isles of Uist, We Have No Words explores artistic responses to the decline of Gaelic. At a time when species and cultures are shifting and vanishing at an unprecedented rate, preserving endangered languages becomes more than just the words – it is about protecting a whole way of life.

AFO56 (2021)

  • Cucina Povera

    Greece, France | science feature film
    Director: Andreas Apostolides
    Producer: Rea Apostolides

    In the ensuing half-century, science has dramatically improved our understanding of the impact of the Mediterranean Diet on our health, ranging from breast cancer to Alzheimers, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Cucina Povera is ultimately a story of how modern science uncovers the secrets of an age-old tradition, with the potential to make a huge impact on our lives and benefit our health.

  • Wild Prague

    Czech Republic | science feature film
    Director: Jan Hošek
    Producer: Radim Procházka

    Prague is one of the greatest tourist attractions the world has to offer. Whether it be the medieval atmosphere or the Kafkaesque spirit, millions of people are drawn to it. But the Mother of all Cities also has a particular hidden aspect – within sight of the Old Town Square ́s Astronomical Clock and Charles Bridge lives hundreds of rare species you’d hardly expect to see here.

  • The Butterfly Murders

    Germany | science feature film
    Director: Martin Gronemeyer
    Producer: Michaela Kirst

    The Butterdly Murders is a science murder mystery. It connects the investigation into the grueling murders of a Mexican conservationist of Monarch butterflies with the gripping science behind the fragile migration pattern of North America’s most iconic animals.


    Germany | TV film
    Director: Michael Krause
    Producer: Michael Krause

    We are living in a crucial time of our history. The biggest challenge is climate change, THE threat to the planet’s eco-system. In this documentary, we will go on a journey to ask 40 internationally acclaimed scientists two questions: Where are we? and Where are we going?

AFO55 (2020)

  • Amazonia and Us

    Czech Republic, Ecuador | TV film
    Director: Martin Smekal
    Producer: Jiří Šlofar

    The story of ordinary people from a Czech village who are uncertain about helping out on the other side of the planet and working to save the forest. Meetings of two different cultures that one can learn from one another.

  • Antarctic Mission

    Chile | series
    Director: Refael Valdeavellano
    Producer: Carola Fuentes

    Antarctic Mission is a documentary series about a group of scientists, men and women who are willing to leave everything to travel to the end of the world to look under the ice for the keys to the future of humanity.

  • Binary Tales

    Netherlands, Nigeria | science feature film
    Director: Juul van der Laan
    Producer: Juul van der Laan

    A precolonial Nigerian Philosopher has been mistranslated into history as a God by ethnologists. Prof. Sophie Oluwole helps his mythological son navigate the Facts and the Fictions surrounding him, to uncover his intellectual legacy before it dies out labeled a pagan religion.

  • Colour of the Wind VR

    Canada, Germany | VR
    Director: Claire Sanford
    Producer:Adam Pajot Gendron

    Colour of the Wind VR is an immersive, cinematic virtual reality experience that blends microscopic animations in a 360 environment with live-action 360-video to explore an unassuming but crucial element of the global climate system: dust.

  • ECHO

    Poland | VR
    Director: Małgorzata Wabińska
    Producer: Małgorzata Wabińska

    ECHO is an experience combining aspects of biology, physics, psychology and philosophy. It’s recreating the most dynamic process of human development that occurs at the stage of prenatal life.

  • iShark: The Domino Effect

    United Kingdom, Israel | VR
    Director: Roy Kimhi
    Producer: Andy Byatt

    Become a submarine pilot in an interactive VR experience and dive into another dimension to connect with one of the most misunderstood, yet vulnerable, animals on Earth – the shark.

  • Secret Power of Trips – Healing With Psychedelic

    Germany | TV film
    Director: Mirjana Momirovic
    Producer: Caroline Haertel

    The film accompanies the world’s largest study to date with psilocybin, an ingredient of “magic mushrooms”. It documents the state of research worldwide and discusses the opportunities and risks of therapies with psychedelic substances.