Arts Centre of Palacký University (Konvikt)

Last week in April, the Arts Centre of Palacký University turns into the Festival’s centre – a place where visitors can get accredited, buy merchandise in the Festival shop or have a beer or a vegan snack at the Atrium bar. Konvikt also houses the Festival’s office and official headquarters. In the premises of the Arts Centre of Palacký University, there are the main AFO screening and lecture halls:

  • Film Hall, 150 seats
  • Theatre Hall, 150 seats
  • Auditorium Maximum, 150 seats
  • Courtyard Garden, 250 places

The film hall is technically and professionally equipped screening hall allowing traditional 35 mm film screening as well as one using the digital projector. During the Festival, the theatre hall is adapted in order to host film screenings and lectures. It’s an attic space decorated with a wood-beam vault and equipped with an elevated auditorium to ensure comfort while watching films or lectures. Another venue which is used particularly for the accompanying programme it the Corpus Christi Chapel. In 2002, the carefully restored premises of the Chapel started to serve as a unique conference space of Palacký University as well as an extraordinary AFO lecture hall with a great atmosphere.

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Metropol Cinema

The Metropol Cinema is the last traditional cinema venue in Olomouc. This is a professionally equipped cinema with the option of screening 3D films. Its capacity is around 550 seats and it is one of the largest screening venues used by AFO. Traditionally, it hosts the opening ceremony in the afternoon of the first Festival day. During the following mornings of the Festival days, this venue will screen films for high schools of the Olomouc region. Last but not least, the Metropol Cinema will also screen the competition films as well as films from the individual Festival programme sections. Since fall 2017, Metropol also hosts AFO Cinema – screenings of winning AFO films as well as other popular science gems from Hollywood productions, such as Arrival, Blade Runner 2049 or The Martian.

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Regional Museum in Olomouc

The Regional Museum provides AFO with one of the lecture halls which is during the Festival also adapted for screenings. The venue has a capacity of around 150 seats and often hosts lectures of AGO guests as well as film screenings. In cooperation with the Regional Museum, AFO also organises other accompanying events during the Festival week.

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Theatre of Music (Museum of Art, Olomouc)

The Theatre of Music has at its disposal a multifunctional hall adapted for film screenings. The venue also hosts professional lectures and presentations.

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Na cucky Theatre

The Na Cucky Theatre is the flagship venue for the AFO Junior section. In cooperation with the theatre, AFO is preparing a programme for children and their parents; in particular, interactive workshops, theatre plays or film screenings.

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Fort Science

Fort Science is an interactive science museum of Palacký University located in the well-preserved artillery depot from the 19th century. During the Festival, visitors can explore the exhibitions displayed in Fort Science as well as visit part of the accompanying programme which includes, among other things, popular science programmes, workshops or other activities, in particular, designed for the youngest visitors of the Festival.

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Other Spots

Every year, the centre of Olomouc comes to life with the accompanying programme of the Festival. In 2018, Horní náměstí of Olomouc displayed a modular architecture system from KOMA company which offered an info point and installation under the creative direction of Radim Měsíc. The so-called “Mouse Hole” spot hosted Graffiti Jam in cooperation with the Street Art Festival and Regional Museum and accompanied by musical performance of artists from the Metro Chill-out Club, the same place came alive in the evening with shots of sharks and whales projected on the building of the Museum of Art. There are also other accompanying events designed for children, e.g. chemical experiments at Horní náměstí or scientific shows in Fort Science.