Festival guide: What you need to see&know


When and where can I get the Festival accreditation?

The only thing you need in order to enjoy the Festival is to get the accreditation – you can do so online on our website in the ACCREDITATION section approx. one month prior to the Festival. You may then pick up the accreditation in person one day prior to the Festival or at any time during the Festival in the Festival Centre at Konvikt (Arts Centre of Palacký University) or in the Metropol Cinema. We will be happy to advise you personally on the types of accreditation at the following info points where you can also get accredited:

How much does the accreditation cost?

The Festival accreditation does not cost anything – it’s for free – however, you can purchase the reservation option to book seats for individual screenings or lectures. For a one-time fee of CZK 450, you may reserve up to 4 events a day and be sure that you will get into the screening you really want to see. Reminder! Your booking for a particular programme event will expire 10 minutes before the screening begins.

What types of accreditation are there?

AFO has two basic types of accreditation:

1) Festival accreditation (free but with the option to purchase a reservation on individual programme events)

2) Music programme accreditation (option to purchase full-week accreditation for the entire music programme on our website or to purchase a one-day ticket in person right on the spot)

Can I get to the screening venue even if it is fully booked?

If the given item in the programme says Fully Booked, it does not mean that you can’t get in anymore. The reservations always take up only approx. half of the screening hall, the rest is free for you to take. However, it’s always better to arrive in advance and avoid long lines.  

Is there a mobile app showing the Festival programme?

Yes, there is. You can be in direct contact with the Festival goings-on and arrange your own daily programme. You can download our “AFO” app for free from App Store or Google Play.

Is there Wi-Fi on the Festival premises?

Yes, you can find the current Wi-Fi password at the individual screening venues.

Is AFO on social networks?

AFO has its own Facebook and Instagram profiles which will inform you about the most interesting issues, the goings-on, what awaits you in the programme, where to find AFO spots as well as photos and videos from the Festival. Be sure to follow the Festival hashtags #afo54 and #watchandknow and tag your AFO experiences with them.

How to get to AFO and where to park?

Olomouc is accessible via train and bus (almost every hour, there are trains and buses coming to Olomouc from Prague, Ostrava, Břeclav, Brno etc.). In Olomouc, you may use public transport, or, if you are coming with a car, you may browse our overview of the parking lots near the Festival venues. You may find information on each of the Festival venues here.

Where can I get accommodation in Olomouc?

Olomouc offers plenty of accommodation. You can choose from hostels, hotels and other places located near our screening venues. You may find an overview of our screening venues right here.

Is AFO wheelchair accessible?

The following is a list of wheelchair accessible venues: Atrium / Courtyard / Auditorium Maximum / Film Hall / Guest Service + Press Centre / Fort Science / Metropol Cinema. 
And if you have an assistant with you, you should know that a paid reservation is necessary only for one person – your assistant’s reservation is for free.   

What are #AFOSPOTS?

As a registered visitor of our Festival, you have the option to buy refreshments from our partners at discounted prices. Feel free to visit the wide range of our partner bases, so-called #AFOspots. Stop by for lunch, coffee, glass of wine or beer. If you see the discount option, don’t forget to show your AFO GEEK accreditation card. List of #AFOspots:

Your accreditation is a powerful discount tool and it will also allow you to visit the following partner places at a discounted price:  

What can I take home from the Festival besides the experience?


A place which will make this year’s AFO an unforgettable event. You will find the oasis of our cosmic merchandise at the main entrance to the centre of the festival, the Arts Centre of Palacký University (Konvikt, Univerzitní 3). It will await your visit always from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on 23 to 28 April and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday 29 April. You may get yourself limited edition t-shirts, bags, badges, books and other Festival jewels. Things which would not be left behind by the proper AFO geek even if he/she was left on a deserted island. Or planet. 

  • Badge / CZK 15
  • AFO/NASA Bag / CZK 99
  • #AFO53 Bag / CZK 150
  • AFO JAWS T-Shirt / CZK 490
  • Sword of Genius Pencil / CZK 15
  • AFO Bottle / CZK 230
  • Temporary Tattoo (1 piece) / CZK 15
  • Patch / CZK 53
  • Catalogue / CZK 99
  • Poster Tubes / CZK 50

Is AFO eco-friendly?

The AFO organisational team strives to reduce the Festival’s ecological footprint with each new year and it offers its visitors the opportunity to participate as well. On all Festival venues, you can find waste bins with which you can separate your trash, you may munch on vegan treats in the Atrium bar and you can get your drink into a washable cup (the required deposit is CZK 50).

Can I smoke at the Festival?

Smoking is banned at all Festival venues and premises. After all, the Festival takes place on University premises which could catch fire. 

Can I pay with a credit card?

In the centre of the Festival, i.e. in the bar and our shop, we accept cash only payments. However, the ATMs are all over Olomouc, just look around and you will find one.

Where should I go if I lose something at the Festival?

If you lose something (phone, wallet or even yourself), head towards the Konvikt’s reception. It’s located right at the entrance, open your mind and eyes to the universe and you can’t miss it.