FAQ: What do you need to see&know

When and where can I get the Festival accreditation?

Please log in to your profile on this page if you have previously created one, or register to create a new one. Select one of the accreditation options, and before attending the first film screening, pick up your accreditation card at the Festival Centre at Konvikt (UP Arts Centre), Metropol Cinema or Fort Science. It will allow you access to the festival programme (except for concerts in Geodome, which are accessible with the Music is Science accreditation). You can pick up your accreditation card on the following dates and times:

  • Arts Centre of Palacký University | Konvikt – Univerzitní 3 | Carolina – 1st floor
    Tuesday 23 April / 8 AM to 10 PM
    Wednesday 24 April – Saturday 27 April / 9 AM to 10 PM
    Sunday 28 April / 9 AM to 4 PM

If you have one of the cosmic accreditations, the same dates and times apply but the pick-up spot is at the Guest Service on the third floor of Konvikt.

  • Metropol Cinema | Sokolská 25 | Vestibule
    Tuesday 23 April – Sunday 28 April / you can pick up basic accreditations always 30 minutes before each film screening from the festival programme
  • Fort Science | Artillery depot, 17. listopadu | Reception
    Tuesday 23 April – Friday 26 April | 9 AM to 5 PM
    Saturday 27 April – Sunday 28 April | 9 AM to 6 PM


How to go about reserving seats?

There are two seat reservation options at AFO:

1) For events labelled “Reservation required”, anyone who has already created a festival accreditation for AFO59 can reserve their seat through their festival profile.

2) Holders of cosmic accreditations can reserve a seat in the majority of the programme events after logging in to their profile. Each event shows how many places are still available in the venue. 

⚠ Important info ⚠

  • Reservations can be made, changed or cancelled only up to two hours before the start of the particular event.
  • Each reservation is valid only up to 10 minutes before the event starts. If not redeemed by that time, the reservation is forfeited and the vacant seats are offered to visitors without a reservation.
  • The reservation system will be available from 18 April 2024.
  • Not all seats at the venues can be reserved, and we always leave some of them open for visitors with basic accreditation.
How much does the accreditation cost?

You can get accredited for the AFO festival for free; however, you can purchase the music programme accreditation or one of our special cosmic accreditations, which come with special benefits. The sale of cosmic accreditations ends on 21 April 2024. For more information, visit the ACCREDITATION page.


What types of accreditation are there?

AFO has three basic types of accreditation:

1) Free festival accreditation – it will allow you access to the Festival Centre, all films, lectures, guided tours, panel discussions and the AFO Junior programme within the capacity of the particular venue.

2) Music is Science accreditation – an additional accreditation to be purchased for CZK 500–700 in addition to the basic accreditation to access the entire music programme – four evenings and ten concerts in the Geodome at Konvikt’s Courtyard Garden. You can find the complete line-up here. Provided the capacity of the event allows it, you can purchase tickets for individual evenings for CZK 300 directly on-site at our AFO Shop.

3) Cosmic accreditation – for a one-time amount of CZK 1,200 / 2,200 / 3,500, you will get the option to reserve seats at the festival’s events.

When can I find out about the Festival programme?

The main source of information on the Festival programme is our website. It provides visitors with all the important information. And by signing in to your account, you will be able to customize your own individual program (this feature will be available from 18 April 2024; the same applies to bookings with space accreditations).

 We will also issue a small number of the printed programme booklets.

Is there Wi-Fi on the Festival premises?

Yes, you can find the current Wi-Fi password at the individual screening venues.

Is AFO on social networks?

AFO has its own Facebook and Instagram profiles which will inform you about the most interesting issues, the goings-on, what awaits you in the programme, where to find AFO spots as well as photos and videos from the Festival. Be sure to follow the Festival hashtags #afo58 and a #greetingsfromafo59 or #watchandknow and tag your AFO experiences using these.


How to get to AFO and where to park?

Olomouc is accessible via train and bus (almost every hour, there are trains and buses coming to Olomouc from Prague, Ostrava, Břeclav, Brno etc.). In Olomouc, you may use public transport, or, if you are coming with a car, you may browse our overview of the parking lots near the Festival venues. For information on individual Festival locations, visit this link.

Where can I get accommodation in Olomouc?

Olomouc offers plenty of accommodation. You can choose from hostels, hotels and other places near our screening venues. You will find an overview of our screening venues right here.


Is AFO wheelchair accessible?

All Festival locations are wheelchair accessible except for the Corpus Christi Chapel. And if you have an assistant with you, you should know that a paid cosmic accreditation is necessary only for one person – your assistant’s accreditation is for free.   


What are #AFOSPOTS?

As a registered visitor of our Festival, you have the option to buy refreshments from our partners. Feel free to visit the wide range of our partner bases designated as #AFOspots. Stop by for lunch, coffee, a glass of wine or beer. AFO Spots of 2024:

What can I take home from the Festival besides the experience?


A place that will make this year’s AFO an unforgettable event. The oasis of our cosmic merchandise is to be found aat the Festival Centre in the Carolina Hall,  next to the accreditations. We will be here for you from 25 to 30 April. You can purchase limited-edition T-shirts, tote bags, water bottles, socks and other Festival gems adorned with this year’s design and older designs from previous years. Things that would not be left behind by the proper AFO geek even if he/she was left on a deserted island. Or planet. 

– limited-edition AFO T-shirts 
– Two versions of AFO tote bags 
– upcycled AFO accessories from recycled banners (cases, fanny packs, clutch bags, bags, backpacks)
– AFO water bottles
– AFO59 socks

Is AFO eco-friendly?

The AFO organisational team strives to reduce the Festival’s ecological footprint with each new year, and it offers its visitors the opportunity to participate as well. On all Festival venues, you can find waste bins with which you can separate your trash, you may munch on vegan treats in the Atrium bar, and you can get your drink into a washable cup. For more information, visit the AFO Sustainability page.

Can I smoke at the Festival?

Smoking is banned at all Festival venues and premises. After all, the Festival takes place on University premises which could catch fire. 


Can I pay with a credit card?

At the Festival Centre, i.e. in the bar and our shop, we accept both cash and credit cards. 


Where should I go if I lose something at the Festival?

If you lose something (phone, wallet, yourself), make for the direction of Accreditations at the Festival Centre in the Carolina Hall.