Hunt For the Oldest DNA

Hon na nejstarší DNA

International CompetitionEnglish friendly
Where does the DNA go? Can it survive to bear witness to the past? Eske Willerslev is convinced it could and sets out on a mission.
The stories of life on Earth are told by DNA. Our fascination with unraveling these stories also makes its way into pop culture. And while some fictional narratives never get beyond our imagination, others are brought closer by DNA research—the “time machine”, as the scientists describe it in the film. Here, the animated visuals combine with the experts’ passion for genetics to tell how a vision of a scientific journey into prehistory using DNA has become a hard-won reality with an extraordinary impact.
Runtime: 90 min.
Country: Canada
Year: 2024
Direction: Niobe Thompson
Screenplay: Niobe Thompson
Cast: Eske Willerslev, Beth Shapiro, Hendrik Poinar, Tom Gilbert, Astrid Schmidt, Mikkel Winther Pedersen, Natalia Rybczynski, Ross MacPhee, Joan Fornos, Maureen Raymo,
Cinematography: Athan Merrick, Ryan Wilkes
Music: Jonathan Kawchuck
Sound: David Parfit
Editing: Jay Macmillan, Jen Randal, Tim Symes
Production: Niobe Thompson, Ally Barry
Sales: Tracy Beckett, PBS International