The World According To My Dad

Jiříkovo vidění

Czechoslovak CompetitionEnglish friendly
Global warming, the desire to change the system’s rules, and Jiří not believing his eyes. How to defend a visionary plan to solve the climate crisis in the face of political and economic chaos?
The father is a material physicist dealing with (not only) global challenges. The daughter is a documentary filmmaker but also a teacher, singer-songwriter and artist. An idealistic idea of a genius gentleman, the effort to spread his vision, to make more people sit up. A homemade documentary filmed with the honest reality of an ordinary yet extraordinary family. Jiří Svoboda unveils a plan to introduce a global carbon tax, believing his solution could improve the environmental situation. But how to get the others to listen?
Runtime: 77 min.
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2023
Direction: Marta Kovářová
Screenplay: Marta Kovářová
Cinematography: Marta Kovářová, Petr Kačírek
Music: band Budoár staré dámy
Sound: Klára Jašková
Editing: Varvara Šatunova
Production: Jan Bodnár, Jan Hubáček
Sales: Raina FIlm Festival Distribution