The Mushroom Speaks

Houba mluví

o houbach a lidechEnglish friendly
We hated them in our soup as children, but now as adults we admire their complex beauty. Mushrooms are ancient, ubiquitous, and reign with exceptional intelligence.
They are the embodiment of the cycle of life; mushrooms existed before us and will outlive us. While we share the same planet, their mesmerizing variety of forms and capabilities seems almost alien. Food, medicine, narcotic, and poison—could they not also offer solutions to mankind’s most pressing issues? In her documentary, Marion Neumann shows us a sample of both scientific and general views on the fungi kingdom, the representatives of which speak to us with uncomfortably damp, sticky voices.
Runtime: 90 min.
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2021
Direction: Marion Neumann
Screenplay: Marion Neumann
Cast: Frida Krieger, Ursula Weiher, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, Geoffroy Renaud, Peter McCoy, Vanja Palmers, Franz Xaver Vollenweider, a další
Cinematography: Marion Neumann
Music: Olga Kokcharova
Sound: Olga Kokcharova
Editing: Marion Neumann, Orsola Valenti
Production: Intermezzo Films S.A.
Sales: Taskovski Films Ltd