The Baffin Bay Deglaciation Experiment

Experiment s odledněním v Baffinově zálivu

dynastie: dinosaurovciEnglish friendly
Our planet changed dynamically in the past, which left traces on the seabed. A scientific team analyzes marine sediments below the surface in Baffin Bay, trying to find visual-temporal anomalies in the mud layers that could illuminate current climate changes.
Runtime: 12 min.
Country: United States
Year: 2024
Direction: Georg Adrian Koszulinski
Cinematography: Nick Mathews, Kent Sheasley
Sound: Connor Capozzi
Editing: Janneke Wade-De Jong, Georg Koszulinski
Production: Tiffany Albright, Georg Koszulinski, Shannon Klotsko, Rob Hatfield, Brendan Reilly