Jakub Adamus & Jakub Hošek: A problem that shouldn't have existed – Drugs in Socialist Czechoslovakia

Jakub Adamus & Jakub Hošek: Problém, který neměl existovat – Drogy v socialistickém Československu

veda v Ceske televizi
The communist regime tried to characterize the issue of addictive substances as an exclusive “problem of the West”. The lecture, accompanied by the archive videos of the Czech Television, demonstrates that it was indeed a society-wide problem in Czechoslovakia.
The archive editors take the audience on a trip through the history of drug use in communist Czechoslovakia, from experiments with LSD and pill abuse to the emergence of the drug subculture in the 1970s. The program presents clips from fiction, documentaries, and news and gives the viewer an idea of how the topic of “non-alcohol drug addiction” was (not) presented in Czechoslovakia at the time.