Houses of the Dead

Domy mrtvých

veda v Ceske televizi
A unique research from summer 2021 reveals 6000-year-old burial mounds by the mountain Říp. What can they tell us about our ancestors’ culture? Together with several specialists, we uncover the reasons for their construction and the meaning of the mounds’ placement.
The film enlightens viewers on the lives of the first farmers settling on local land. How did the mounds influence the lives of people in this area, and why did they choose to build them there? Why were some of the mounds up to 130 meters long, and what was their meaning in burial rites? These are just some of the questions the film aims to answer. Get an unusual look at the culture of our ancestors and become part of uncovering this mystery.
Runtime: 26 min.
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2023
Direction: David Slabý
Screenplay: David Slabý
Cinematography: Tomáš Eder, Martin Mykiska
Sound: René Sládek
Editing: Jan Dvořák
Production: Česká televize
Sales: Česká televize