Identity: State and Propaganda

Identita: Stát a propaganda

veda v Ceske televizi
The national flag and the Bohemian Lion—symbols that are often not thought about, but which in fact have a long history of trial and error. The third part of Identity introduces the audience to the visual design during key moments of our history.
Graphic design surrounds us in all aspects of everyday life, and national symbols are no exception. This cycle guides us through the history of their origin, from communist propaganda and the Velvet Revolution to the presidential campaign of General Petr Pavel. Take a look at banknotes, movie posters, and contemporary digital and animated graphics for TV and websites. The documentary explores the development of the “face” of the Czech(oslovak) Republic and reveals what lies behind the symbols and colors that represent it.
Runtime: 41 min.
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2024
Direction: Jakub Skalický
Screenplay: Petr Hauzírek
Cast: Aleš Najbrt
Cinematography: Petr Racek
Music: Martin Hůla
Sound: Jan Štindl
Editing: Petr Smělík
Production: Jan Brabec, Lucie Stárková Plocková
Sales: Česká televize