Gloria (Timothée de Fombelle) – Readings For Children and Their Adults

Gloria (Timothée de Fombelle) – Předčítání pro děti a jejich dospělé

AFO Junior
The story of Gloria the swallow, who is drawn by an invisible longing from the south to the north, where her fate crosses with those of a lonely truck driver and a young refugee, is perhaps reminiscent of the fairy tales of Wilde or Andersen.
In these tales, someone insignificant and nameless can often change the course of history. Unlike princes and kings, the heroes of this story are the common and the loneliest of people. Its backdrop takes us along roads, gas stations, concrete lots, and suburbs. Yet, it is still able to find hope at the end of the tunnel. In Czech, the book was published by the Baobab publishing house with illustrations by Stanislav Setinský.
Runtime: 30 min.