Illusion of Abundance

Iluze hojnosti

resilienceEnglish friendly
Three women from Latin America give their testimonies about modern colonialism, tireless battle for justice, courage, and hope.
Three women, three countries, three battles. Bertha, Carolina, and Maxima fight tirelessly for nature’s rights and for people who depend on it. Despite playing a profoundly rigged game, they strive to build resistance against modern colonizers, scarce resource hunters, multinational corporations, and companies which in the name of “infinite progress” stop at nothing. How to keep fighting when yours and your loved ones’ lives are at stake?
Runtime: 60 min.
Country: Belgium
Year: 2023
Direction: Erika Gonzalez Ramirez, Matthieu Lietaert
Screenplay: Erika Gonzalez Ramirez, Matthieu Lietaert
Cinematography: Matthieu Lietaer
Music: Norbert Pflanzer
Sound: Charo Clavo, Selia Çakir, Aline Gavroy
Editing: Jan De Coster
Production: Erika Gonzalez Ramirez, Matthieu Lietaert, Not So Crazy! Productions
Sales: Not So Crazy! Productions , FIRST HAND FILMS