Heroine LIVE: Can a Mother Be a Good “Scientist”?

Heroine LIVE: Může být matka dobrý „vědec“?

In 98% of cases, the mother receives parental allowance. Even though 70% of men would stay at home with their child for at least part of parental leave, the pay gap makes parenting a woman’s problem.
In the vast majority of cases, this actually cuts short or slows down her working life. Especially in science, long parental leave can mean the end of a career. The unfair distribution of care is, in fact, not a free choice for each family but a result of the system settings. Ilona Kleníková asks the guests what women face in science, why this problem involves us all and what we need to fix as a society. At the same time, we present Manual for Modern Moms, a book about how to raise daughters who live in an equal world.