Film in the Age of AI: We Have Never Been Original

Film ve věku AI: Nikdy jsme nebyli originální

Are we truly original, or just skilled remixers of life's greatest moments? In this unconventional panel, dive headfirst into the swirling vortex of AI and its impact on our beloved audiovisual realm.
Picture this: AI as the quirky sidekick in our creative adventure, rather than the ominous villain lurking in the shadows. Can we flip the script and see AI as our trusty tool belt, rather than the cosmic dice determining our creative fate? Steer our time machines away from the distant future and park them firmly in the now, exploring practical AI applications in filmmaking. Just a footnote, amidst all this AI buzz, do not forget about our own humble roots of inspiration.

Moderator: Jan Kordovský
Guests: Julie Dítětová, Silvia Dal Dosso, Lenka Hámošová, Jan Kulveit, Petr Salaba
Runtime: 90 min.