Dynasty: Dinosauria

Dynastie: Dinosaurovci

dynastie: dinosaurovci
Get ready for a trip to the world of dinosaurs! Reveal the secret of their lives and watch how their understanding has transformed in pop culture. Lectures by palaeontologists and documentaries will take all the lovers of this majestic prehistoric dynasty for an adventure.
Take a glimpse into the Dynasty: Dinosauria programme section, where the past meets the endless possibilities of the future and which will take you back to the distant times of the prehistoric era. It will offer a number of documentaries that will give viewers an idea of the life of dinosaurs, their development and survival methods. We will take a look at how they are portrayed in pop culture across the media and how the topic of the prehistory of species has changed since Karel Zeman’s Journey to the Beginning of Time. The film screenings will be accompanied by lectures by palaeontology experts, presenting the latest research and surprising findings related to dinosaurs. The dinosaur section is an invitation to an adventurous exploration of this majestic dynasty’s family tree.