Hot Take

Horký úchop

horky uchop
Cross the line between impossible and hard to believe! The Hot Take programme section provides unconventional views of the world of science and reveals both bizarre and completely ordinary phenomena. Study the science footnotes!
Is our universe running on Windows 95? Is gravity just the Earth expressing its love for other objects? Why does the curtain always rise towards you when you shower? And what was a submarine doing in the Morava River? The Hot Take programme section is a loose adaptation of Dan Schreiber’s The Theory of Everything Else and explores the thin line between the impossible and the hard to believe. For even in the world of science, it takes proper distance and time to identify the fine distinction between rationality and folly. The section offers unconventional views on ordinary things as well as conservative insights into the bizarre. We will take all inquisitive thinkers on a tour through the cosmos of science footnotes you have never realised you wanted to know.