Czech & Slovak Competition

The competition section will offer a varied selection of the best that has recently been produced in the field of popular science documentaries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A varied selection awaits the audience not only in terms of themes, but also in terms of forms and styles.

Industria – Manufacturing war – Ivo Bystřičan, Czech Republic, 26 min, 2021

How to Use a Brain – Sarah Lomenová, Czech Republic, 25 min, 2022

Intensive Life Unit – Adéla Komrzý, Czech Republic, 76 min, 2021

Before They Disappear – Jakub Vágner, Jakub Vomáčka, Czech Republic, 52 min, 2021

Czechia Deforested – Mikoláš Arsenjev, Czech Republic, 14 min, 2020

Microbe Hunters – Bára Kopecká, Czech Republic, 52 min, 2021

My Identity – Vojtěch Petřina, Czech Republic, 17 min, 2022

Disappearing Soil – Martina Spurná, Czech Republic, 26 min, 2020

Masters of Ancient Crafts – Stone – Tomáš Kratochvíl, Czech Republic, 26 min, 2022

Out of Breath – Šárka Maixnerová, Czech Republic, 52 min, 2021