Did you miss AFO in April? Now you have a unique oportunity to see selected documentaries in cinemas all across the Czech Republic as part of AFO CINEMA! All the films are english friendly.


28. 08. 17:00
Kino Metropol Olomouc

Jeseníky – The Kingdom of the Mountain
Marián Polák, CZ, 2022

Jeseníky are not just mountain ranges and forests. It is a diverse region that holds many streams, rock formations, natural transition zones, (sub)alpine heathlands, the Velká kotlina cirque, meadows, and peat bogs. A miniature camera takes us to mysterious places off the beaten track, capturing the local cycle of life. 

Guests: RNDr. Miroslav ZEIDLER, Ph.D. | Marián Polák
The event will be part of the Graduate Day of Palacký University and the European Heritage Days.


20. 09. 19:00
Umělecké centrum Konvikt Olomouc, Filmový sál

Kateř Tureček, ČR, 2022

The euphoric film is an insight into the lives of nonbinary and trans* people. A both personal and political topic of gender identity is shown through intimate family moments: frying schnitzel, Slovácko’s Ride of the Kings, talks about coming out by the fire, and taping.

Guests: Kateř Tureček | Viktor Heumann
After party in Bistro Konvikt at 20:30 and then in Vertigo at 00:00


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22. 09. 20:30
Lolofora Zlín, Kurovický lom

Series of short films

06. 10. 20:00
Aula Přírodovědecké fakulty UP Olomouc

Joel Penner, Anna Sigrithur, Kanada, 2022

Spoiled dinner leftovers bloom with a series of geometric bacterial colonies. Using time-lapse photography, we look into the hidden world of the food decomposition process. However, the documentary’s authors allude to society’s corruption.

and Secrets in the Scat
Ruth Berry, Rakousko, 2021

The vast majority of people are repelled by excrement. Not so Scott Burnett, aka Scat Man. He is obsessed with animal dung and fascinated by how many secrets you can learn from it.

Event is part of Noc vědců


06. 10.
Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně

Series of short films

  • Wrought
  • A History Of The World According To Getty Images
  • Seaweed
  • CARA-B

and Fire of Love
Sara Dosa, Kanada, USA, 2022

Katia and Maurice Krafft had two passions – each other and volcanoes. They spent two decades chasing volcanic eruptions and documenting their findings from breathtaking proximity.

Event is part of Noc vědců


02. 11. 19:30
Kino Metropol Olomouc

Christopher Nolan, USA, 2023

Oppenheimer is the story of a man who risked destroying the entire world to save it. Director Christopher Nolan used his storytelling talents for a biographical film about the inventor of the atomic bomb.

21. 11. 17:00
Side event ke konferenci Velvet Innovation, Kumst, Brno

Pernille Rose Grønkjær, 2021

15 scientists, 10 days, 1 room. The task? To propose solutions to key problems humanity deals with today. The goal? To overcome the crisis that may arise from these issues.

and The North Drift
Steffen Krones, 2022

How did a beer bottle made in Germany end up in the unspoiled wilderness beyond the Arctic Circle? Director Steffen Krones decides to follow a piece of plastic waste from continental Europe to the cliffs of the Norwegian Lofoten.

+ afterparty with DJ Amplituda

17:00 The North Drift
19:00 Solutions
21:30 afterparty


13. 12. 17:30
Kino Metropol Olomouc

Whale Nation
Jean-Albert Lievre, France, 2023

Tento jedinečný snímek byl inspirován „velrybí“ básní od Heathcote Williamse „Whale Nation“, která se v roce 1988 stala nejsilnějším argumentem v boji za zákaz celosvětového lovu velryb.