Conference 4Science

“Hope is not simply optimism. It is not the belief that what we do will turn out well; it is the certainty that what we do is meaningful, no matter how it turns out.” Václav Havel

In 2022 the Industry 4Science section introduces the second edition of 4Science conference. The conference hosts the best documentary filmmakers as well as peak science communicators, who introduces audiences to a range of topics, interconnected by the leitmotif of hope. To kick off the conference, a case study of the film Vaccine—The Inside Story (2021) with producers Janet Tobias and Archie Baron, who present an exclusive sneak peek into the scientific backstage of vaccine production in different countries, as well as the challenges a filmmaker must overcome when shooting a picture amidst a global pandemic. Walter Greenleaf, an expert from Stanford University discusses a hopeful, breakthrough research in VR/AR that could bring about improvements in clinical treatment and personal health. The lecture titled Hope Against the Machines by British BAFTA-awarded producer and director Sheila Hayman focuses on the hope for the human brain pitched against the fast-evolving AI. The panel Science Film and Hope is concerned with the role of science in film and the hope that science film generates. The panel consists of directors of this year’s AFO films and is intended as Friday’s prime time event. On Saturday, audiences have the chance to meet talented science film creators thanks to the pitching session for projects attending the Camp 4Science workshop. With creators Theo Anthony and Riel Roch-Decter, audiences can see way past the horizon of traditional film narrative and marketing in their lecture on production in the American film studio MEMORY. What the first president of the democratic Czech Republic said in the opening quote of this text is especially true in the field of science and scientific research.



11:00 | Opening talk + case-study | 60 min
I am not throwing away my shot: Vaccine – The Inside Story (2021) case-study
Guests: Janet Tobias, Archie Baron
Moderator: Jaime Jacobsen

14:00 | Case-study | 60 min – in CZ only
Development of 3-2-1 Start: Martin Jůza 

15:30 | Talk | 60 min
Walter Greenleaf: Virtual Reality Technology, Machine Learning, Biosensing Converging to Transform healthcare

16:00 | Presentations | 60 min | Theater Hall
Young Scientists of PU 

17:00 | Talk | 60 min
Sheila Hayman: Hope Against the Machines

19:00 | Panel | 90 mins | Cinema Metropol 
Science Film and Hope
Guests: Theo Anthony, Peter Galison, Jaime Jacobsen, Pernille Rose Grønkjær
Moderator: Monika A. Koperska


10:00 | Pitching | 120 min 
Camp 4Science: Pitching of projects

13:30 | Talk | 60 min 
MEMORY is…: Theo Anthony, Riel Roch-Decter

15:00 | panel | 90 min – in CZ only
Influencing Science
Guests: Sara Polak, Patrik Kořenář, Pavla Hubálková, Adéla Chalupová, Amálie Kovářová, Ladislav Loukota, Jan Tomáštík

17:00 | stand-up | 120 min | Regional Museum venue in Czech only
Boring Conference
Guests: Petr Fridrich, Roman Kyzlink, Jaroslav Cerman, Ondřej Lidický, Martin Dočkal, Tomáš Kachel, Radim Jachek, Daniel Kunz
Moderator: Martin Vasquez