Tomáš Kratochvíl

Tomáš Kratochvíl graduated from the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University and spent a year at the editing department at FAMU.

He co-directed the feature film Hives (2012). He made a name for himself with the documentary film Gadžo (2014) and the feature film Češi proti Čechům (2015). He focuses on social and racial issues in the documentary Hostel (2015). His other films include Uprchlíci (2016) and Spolužáci (2017). He is currently completing a time-lapse feature documentary about a family of Czech Roma in the UK. At AFO he will present his eight-part series on experimental archaeology, which he made for Czech Television. Working on the series was in many ways new for the director. The prehistoric and early medieval period is a period from which we have almost no written records – and the material ones are all the more important! The new finds and their scientific interpretations in the documentary create space for the formulation of previously unpopularised theories and untold stories.