Czech & Slovak Competition

Discover the diverse nature of Czech and Slovak documentary production. This competition section offers a wide range of topics and formal approaches. This year, it also includes a mockumentary with a scientific basis. Get inspired by the stories of science in all its forms.

The selection of films in the Czech & Slovak Competition provides an overview of varied topics and formal approaches to the material. And what has changed since the last year? In the 59th festival, several films of different genres entered the competition. It includes one mockumentary and even one fictional film. Both films are founded on science and research. They are based on scientific data and directly problematise science. Therefore, we firmly believe this choice will contribute to the diversity of paths on the map of science popularisation and inspire other filmmakers looking at this imaginary map. And what topics will be addressed this year? We will look at the critical aspects of Czech history, explore the beauties and sorrows of Czech and Slovak nature and examine a portrait of the universe and people who devoted their lives to its observation.