International Competition

Get carried away by a wave of inspiration at AFO. The International Competition includes the best scientific documentaries full of fascinating stories and revelations from various scientific fields. Immerse yourself in films that will change your perspective and reveal the secrets of the modern world.

The International Competition of popular science films is not only about knowledge and communication of science. The films unfold distinctive, honest and, above all, intriguing stories from the ever-accelerating world around us. They draw attention to unknown or intentionally and unintentionally neglected issues. With their courage and visions, they shape the beliefs hidden in our subconscious. This is the statement of the festival’s most extensive film section, whose thematic diversity makes it coherent at its core. From complex fungal ecosystems through the chase for prehistoric DNA to virtual post-apocalyptic realities. You will sail through meanders in France or experience a cleansing immersion in the world of psychedelics. You will thus see the present and future of science and documentary films on the big screen.