How do memories shape our reality, and how do human memory and related technologies evolve? From prehistoric times to the artificial intelligence era. Come discover the relationship between memory and knowledge, and we will together imagine a world where there is no memory.

Just because we remember something doesn’t mean we know it. In 2024, the leitmotif of the festival is memory, to which one of the sections is also devoted. You will see how remembering and forgetting affects our everyday life and how memory and knowledge relate to each other. We will consider human memory in terms of storing information and individual memories as well as technological memory, i.e., how humans design technologies in order to delegate their own memory to them, from the origin of writing to neural networks. We will broach the issue of artificial intelligence and associated digital captivation as a contemporary example of memory evolution with various manifestations and layers. On this basis, we will try to imagine and build a world in which, on the contrary, memory is completely absent.