VR Zone

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of immersion. The VR programme offers immersive experiences both in and outside the digital environment. Explore the topics of partner communication, phobias and hidden biological processes through innovative technology.

The VR programme provides an engaging insight into the possibilities of immersion not only in virtual and augmented reality but also in the collective experience of a situation detached from this technology. Being absorbed and cut off from the outside world is not seen as an aspect of entertainment or an underhanded trick on human perception but as a tool we use to understand phenomena otherwise distant to us. This year’s VR programme will immerse you in situations where you will cultivate communication with your counterpart and also have to deal with your own phobias. Other works bring closer the experience of unpleasant neurological phenomena. You will experience a metamorphosis just like in Kafka’s Metamorphosis, enabling you to understand the biological processes in the soil.