84 FILMS: International, Czech & Slovak and Short Film Competition

22. 2. 2019

The competition programme is based on a careful preselection of films by the dramaturgy team which maps the current production over the entire year and, besides the individually registered competition films, the team also vigorously approaches productions active in the scientific documentary film.

Competition Programme

The Festival annually registers several thousand films from all over the world from which the dramaturgy team selects those to be submitted in the Festival competition sections. During the Festival, the professional juries consisting of both Czech and foreign filmmakers, producers, scientists and journalists select the winner of each category. The Festival visitors then give out the Audience Award. The winning films of each category are screened on the last day of the Festival in all screening venues.

Festival Awards:

The expert and student Festival jury grants a total of four awards; the fifth award is decided by the audience:

  • Award for the Best International Science Documentary Film
  • Award for the Best Czech & Slovak Science Documentary Film
  • The Best Science Documentary Short Film Award
  • The Palacký University Student Jury Award
  • AFO Audience Award

AFO also hands out four statutory awards:

  • Popularisation Award – Personality
  • Popularisation Award – Institution
  • President Award
  • AFO Spotlight