Industry 4Science plays a crucial role at AFO since 2013. Within Industry 4Science, Czech experts and world leaders in science popularization focus on how to communicate science in  the most entertaining and attractive way. The programme section systematically addresses not only new technological trends, inventions in documentary narrative or new media tendencies, but also the role of scientific popularizers and their methods of science communication. Our goal is to create a platform for sharing experiences, enhancing the interaction of science and the audiovisual industry, enforcing science as an important social theme, and last but not least, raising awareness of the potential of science and television formats for entertainment and communicating science to the public.


Last year we introduced the first edition of INDUSTRY 4SCIENCE CONFERENCE which opened a discussion on this year’s topic “Representation of History”. The two-day event invited professionals from the film and TV industry alongside top leading scientists from interdisciplinary fields to discuss the world shaping narratives in the light of innovative approaches of film media.

Participants had the opportunity to meet with filmmakers, festival programmers, TV decision makers, producers and distributors and share their knowledge of projects designed not only for TV stations but also for Internet platforms, VR and interactive media. INDUSTRY 4SCIENCE CONFERENCE offered participation on lectures, panel discussions, case studies, workshops, speed-dating events and pitching sessions.

INDUSTRY 4SCIENCE CONFERENCE included opportunities to screen appealing 3D popular science films in Czech cinemas, lectures on financing popular science films in Central European space or popularizing science via YouTube or other online platforms. The key part of the conference consisted of evening events which with their specific relaxed atmosphere made the perfect environment for acquiring contacts and establishing future co-operation.