Diversity of forms and topics at Camp 4Science

7. 12. 2020

An integral part of the annual AFO program is also the industry section 4Science. This year it comes in a non-traditional December date and is ready for 7 science related projects in development! What can you actually imagine under the industry program? And what is it good for? We will explain this in today’s article.

Industry program 4Science is about meeting and networking of scientists, filmmakers, producers, distributors and other experts. 4Science conference has become the AFO tradition. It brings interesting guests to Olomouc, who present various topics and trends in the field of film industry. The second important industry event is Camp 4Science.

7 projects that you may soon see at AFO

Camp 4Science is a several-day workshop where creators, led by mentors, work on their new projects. This year’s edition has moved from spring to December and is taking place online. It will be attended by 7 projects from around the world – literally – participants are from Canada, Chile or the Netherlands.

Camp 4Science is definitely an essential part of the industry program. Getting feedback from the best in the business, improving your documentary, game or VR, gaining new contacts – this is not something that would be offered every day. In addition, participation in the Camp is free. We know that the field of communicating science is not the richest in the film industry and we want to really support filmmakers.” says Ivana Formanová, head of industry.



The popularization of science goes with the trends, so documentary film ceases to be the main form of communicating science. This year, VR projects and docuseries were also included in the selection. Last year, interactive video games were introduced. The topics that future films, series and virtual reality address are also diverse. They come to a clash of cultures during the restoration of the Amazon rainforest, explore the importance of dust as one of the drivers of desertification, or visit the world of psilocybin, a psychedelic substance that appears in magic mushrooms. So let’s look forward to the works which will entertain and educate us hopefully very soon!