Liesbeth De Ceulaer

Independent filmmaker, based in Brussels, Belgium.

Her work explores the complex relationship between humans and their environment. In her films our current day is reflected in the past, and brings forward glimpses of the future. The harsh distinction between fiction and documentary is abandoned, and the spectator can freely explore these spellbinding worlds. Holgut (2021), Victoria (2020) and Behind the Redwood Curtain (2013) have been presented and awarded at film festivals such as Berlinale IFF, CPH:DOX, BFI London, Visions du Réel, IndieLisboa, Shanghai IFF and Sao Paolo IFF. Liesbeth holds a MA degree in Audiovisual Arts from LUCA School of Arts Brussels, where she now works as lecturer and teacher. She further engages herself by curating film programs and organizing workshops, and is ever on the lookout for new connections.