Adaptation is perhaps one of the most important abilities of humankind. AFO once again dedicates an entire section to Adaptation. However, it is approached from a different angle then in the previous years.

In the 21st century, our world is undergoing profound changes, both physical and social. The current situation on our planet does not suggest that we will be able to continue acting the way we have been up until now. The Adaptation section gives room to an interdisciplinary perspective on the alarming condition of climate and biodiversity loss. We can see the consequences of the environmental crisis already all over the world, including the Czech Republic, and this section brings the latest documentaries reflecting this reality on both the global and local scale. The experts we have invited and the science films we have selected will present the AFO audience with a comprehensive outlook on the topic and offer possible solutions. Environmental, climate and biodiversity crises no longer affect just nature but proliferate to all realms of human activity. The pivotal concept of the Adaptation section of AFO 58 is intersectionality and cooperation. As a permanent non-competition section since 2021, Adaptation is an important continuous building block of the festival and is necessary for systematic cooperation with the public and restoring society’s trust in scientific facts.