Here’s to Health 2022

Since the beginning of the pandemic, no topic has resonated in public discourse more than health. Physical and mental. How far the possibilities to take care of one or the other are currently shifting will be explored in the new section Here’s to Health.

Here’s to Health section deals with human health on an individual and collective level, in the areas of prevention and therapy, the development of new treatment methods, the setting of the health care system, and the influence of the environment on human health. It considers both physical and mental health as equal and interrelated components.

Health is a prominent topic of current public debate, whether in connection with the ongoing pandemic affecting the majority of society, the rise of antibiotic resistance undermining hitherto reliable treatments, or the detablisation of mental hygiene. The section Here’s to Health wants to reflect these discussions and mediate scientific research, expert opinions and popularisation initiatives. At the same time, it seeks to place them in a local context, where they are also reflected in the lives of festival visitors.

Within the section, the audience can expect to see screenings of documentaries presented by experts on the subject, as well as lectures that will address topics such as ways in which we can take care of our own mental health and where to seek medical help, or a panel with scientists presenting their work in research and the development of new drugs.