Of Fungi and Men

Discover the fascinating world of fungi as the key to understanding the planet. They will help us understand the cycles of life and take us into the depths of consciousness. Learn about the connection between nature, technology and culture through fungi and their power of transformation.

Fungi form an admirable kingdom of organisms. Whether they instil fear, aversion or fascination or collecting them is just a favourite national pastime, fungi are the key to understanding the planet. Similarly to fungi, in a broader perspective of the perception of reality, we witness the nuances of recurring processes of extinction, renewal, resilience and stagnation of the world’s material and spiritual form. We can unravel the chaotic maze of society’s consciousness through scientific observation, relying on technology and data, but also through meditation or the application of psilocybin. Inspired by the original meaning of the biological neural network of fungal ecosystems, we seek the nature of the interconnected world in the links between nature, technology and culture.