The Resilience section will take us into the labyrinth of current crises and offer new perspectives on the complexity of the contemporary world. How to accept uncertainty and adapt to new challenges? Join the discussion, and let’s find ways to a sustainable future together.

The increasing complexity and interconnectedness of contemporary society’s crises call for a redefinition of resilience. In today’s context, resilience rejects the tendency to return to a previous state but introduces the ability to adapt and accept uncertainty as a new constant collectively. The climate crisis and the dramatic decline in biodiversity are already affecting virtually every aspect of our lives. And if we are to be ready for the upcoming challenges, the issues need to be framed in the context and interconnections of climate, biodiversity, and social and power inequalities. The Resilience section connects the individual points of the intertwined labyrinth of polycrisis and asks questions that offer new lines of reasoning and try to bring a glimmer of hope based on action and constructive public debate.