The Camp 4Science workshop knows its participants!

18. 4. 2023

This year, the submitted projects-in-progress brought together diverse topics ranging from personal stories to neuroscience, and environmental issues. Who will win the Sandbox Best Pitch Award?

Camp 4Science is an international educational and networking workshop focused on the development of science documentary projects. From 24 to 30 April, selected participants will meet experienced international mentors, gain valuable experience and move forward with their audiovisual projects in development. 


A Certain Civilization deals with a personal journey to a remote and timeless place on Earth, in order to discover what the future will look like. A project titled Ghost Dads elaborates on the personal theme of retrieving sperm from his dead body, trying to keep their hopes of a family alive. Phenomena and Who Is Missing Today? focus on nature and the world around us. Laboratory experiments, the human brain, and advanced discoveries in neuroscience are featured in the upcoming film Brain – The Creator of Everything. What is the universe made out of? This eternal question is what the Beautiful Void project seeks to answer. Carbon Permanence is about a controversial technology that may determine our climate future. 


Camp 4Science 2023 participants:

A Certain Civilization | Dir. & Prod. Leandro Listorti

Ghost Dads (working title) | Dir. Tracy Jarett, Prod. Emma Moley

Phenomena | Dir. Josef Gatti, Prod. Rob Innes

Who Is Missing Today? | Dir. Květa Chalupová, Prod: Jitka Kotrlová

Brain – The Creator of everything | Dir. Tiago Tambelli, Prod. Nuno Godolphim

Carbon Permanence | Dir. & Prod. Hans Baumann

Beautiful Void | Dir. Andris Gauja, Prod. Elza Gauja


Camp 4Science 2023 observers:

Stone Age Voyagers | Dir. Tomáš Kratochvíl, Prod. Dušan Mulíček

The Last Evolution | Dir. Petr Salaba, Prod. Jindřich Andrš


Camp 4Science mentors:

Monika Aksamit Koperska

Tom Millen

Jessica Harrop

Ivo Bystřičan