What can you look forward to at AFO 54? Visual identity and programme sections here and now!

28. 12. 2018

The preparations of Academia Film Olomouc 54 are in full swing as you can observe from our new visual identity and a list of main topics for the forthcoming 54th Festival. Science popularisation can take many forms and, in 2019, AFO will embark on a daring and difficult journey to reveal several fundamental truths. Those truths that will keep you awake at nights. So, listen and follow!

The designer of AFO’s visual identity Radim Měsíc chose this year’s graphics to be an ascetic combination of a simple coloured background with striking typography. The visual identity shines in pure red and Truth? is the alpha and omega, the umbrella topic and the core of AFO 54. We’re therefore going after the truth and ultimate objectivity. Together, we will find out where the truth lies in today’s late capitalist society. Are media, science or governments right or does everyone has their own set of facts? The truth and indisputable facts are intertwined with other programme sections carefully selected by our dramaturges.

The News? section focuses on the key part of media institutions that is linked with truth and objectivity the most. As the truthfulness of information communicated by media becomes increasingly uncertain and the phenomenon of fake news spreads wide, the role of the news is now more important than ever. We will look at the truth about women, too. Feminist theories suggest that the role of women as caregivers is not biologically driven but it is a mere social construct imposed upon them. Womanhood? will reveal what the actual women’s roles were and what is the true essence of womanhood.

The role of art in contemporary society will be discussed in the Art? section. Does art in its current form still have something to say or did it become exploited, lost its meaning due to the flood of intertextuality flood and is now stuck on the “l’art pour l’art” level? We will try to reveal the truth about an event which many people feel to be the most significant event of the 20th century in the Apollo 11? section. The mission of the Apollo 11 crew on the moon is surrounded by many myths and contradictory information so it is time to finally get the stories straight and reveal what the humankind actually witnessed in the 1960s. History?, the last section of this year’s festival, discusses the importance of history. Our need to disassociate ourselves from the dominant interpretation of history brought us to a situation where we can’t be sure about our own history. And if we don’t know our past, what do we know about ourselves?

This year will show AFO in a completely different light. It’ll be more engaged, seeking burning answers to those questions that affect us all. Do you want to know more? We have more information to each section below so keep reading!


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