Lukáš Prokop

Lukáš Prokop is a film student and filmmaker, also known as h5io6i54k.

Lukáš Prokop is currently finishing a master’s program at FFA BUT’s Video studio. Abstraction, complexity and experimentation are of key importance in the thematic infrastructure of his work, materialized through labyrinthine 3D modeling processes, digital image manipulation and post-processing. His alias, h5io6i54k, is closely tied to the experimental electronic music scene via the creation of music videos, cover graphics or A/V collaborations. His work has been exhibited in Galerie Mladých, Zaazrak|Dornych, his works include Whisper Divulging, Svitanie, Opilio, and the long-term collaboration with labels and collectives include Genot Centre, Gin&Platonic or SOfT, among the most noteworthy of his projects to date.