Sheila Hayman

Sheila Hayman has written and directed dozens of documentaries around the world for the BBC, Channel 4, ARTE, Beijing TV and more.

She won a BAFTA, Time Out Documentary Series of the Year and was nominated for the Grierson Arts Documentary of the Year. She was elected the young British Journalist of the Year, a BAFTA / Fulbright Fellow in Los Angeles, was a columnist at The Guardian and currently works for the Potsdam Institute for Climate Science. Since the beginning of her career in the BBC’s Science Department, the relationship between the people and the technologies she creates has been at the heart of her work. Her 1993 film, The Electronic Frontier, introduced the world to email and a handheld computer (eleven years before the iPhone). Her current project ‘Senseless’ represents a return to the world of her most famous film.