Předešlé projekty

In 2022 the Industry 4Science section introduces the second edition of 4Science conference. The conference hosts the best documentary filmmakers as well as peak science communicators, who introduces audiences to a range of topics, interconnected by the leitmotif of hope. After a lengthy selection process, these were the 7 final projects at this year’s Camp 4Science.


CZ – science documentary film, website
dir. Hana Nováková
prod. Kateřina Traburová

Six incredible encounters of the Moose and Man as a documentary odyssey about the shift in humans’ sensibility towards Nature during the recent sixth mass extinction of species.


dir. Ondřej Moravec
prod. Hana Blaha Šilarová

How to harmonize the inner landscape of the mind by screaming or whispering? Enter the VR world and uplift your wellbeing.


UK – science documentary film
dir. Eleanor Mortimer
prod. Jacob Thomas

The deep sea has come to represent a final frontier of human discovery; the last wilderness on earth. The film follows biologists through the intricate process of discovering deep-sea species as they piece together the unknown ecosystems of the largest biome on the planet.


HU – science documentary film
dir. Márton Vízkelety, Zoltán Moll
prod. Julianna Ugrin

Our story has a potential Nobel-prize winner, a billion-dollar biotechnological start-up story and the hard-gained trust of a larger-than-life character Gyula Dékány. We will take the viewers into the labyrinth of his great scientific mind.


USA – science documentary film, website
dir. Georg Anthony Svatek
prod. Elijah Stevens

Bighorn sheep relocated by helicopter, VR-capture of ancient redwoods, TikToks of Puerto Rican community organizing. Ecological struggles in three places named after 19th c. naturalist Alexander von Humboldt raises the question: what does it mean to be an environmentalist today?


MEX – science documentary film
dir. Otilia Portillo Padua
prod. Paula Arroio Sandoval

In the deep forests of Mexico, three indigenous women—all scientists—partner with fungi to protect their lands and cultures. The Queendom combines documentary and science fiction to profile their epic journeys.


UK – science documentary film
dir. Rosa Prosser
prod. Dominika Baerova

From “The Lost Words” in Lewis and Harris, to “Lines” of light on the Isles of Uist, We Have No Words explores artistic responses to the decline of Gaelic. At a time when species and cultures are shifting and vanishing at an unprecedented rate, preserving endangered languages becomes more than just the words – it is about protecting a whole way of life.