Monika Aksamit Koperska

Monika Koperska has a doctorate in chemistry, a graduate of Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, and the Université des Sciences et Technologies in Lille.

She is a specialist in chemistry, dedicated to the protection of cultural heritage, from the most valuable works of art to valuable resources in libraries. Recently, he has been dedicated to the protection and preservation of notes and works of forgotten Polish inventors.

Communication and popularization of science is a passion for her. He lectures regularly and appears on radio and television. She won the FameLab Award in 2012 and finished second in the International FameLab in the same year. She was a co-moderator of “Scientists‘ skirmishes “(” Potyczki naukowców “) on the Planete + channel and” Inventors of the future “(” Wynalazcy przyszłości “) on the Canal + Discovery channel. Since 2016, she has been a co-founder and president of the Association of Science Advocates (Stowarzyszenie Rzecznicy Nauki), which aims to create a society based on knowledge and scientific thinking (bringing together over 70 scientists who also popularize science through the media). It also has its own production company, M.A.K. Art & Science Productions.