Sarah Lomenová

After graduating from high school, she studied animation at the Academy of Performing Arts, also studying art therapy, and then was accepted to FAMU to study documentary filmmaking, where she is currently in her bachelor’s year.

She was born in Bratislava, Slovakia. As a child she lived in the city, but was often in folklore environments and was always interested in ethnography, anthropology and psychology. People fascinate her as individuals, but also as part of a whole, a society. She is fascinated by themes that unite but also divide people. What is popular and what stands out from the crowd. We are here together and our actions affect other people and the space we are in. This is what she explores in the undergraduate film she is currently working on. Her first short films made during her studies also touch on science. In her first year this was a reportage with Michela Musil, who leads simulated missions to the Moon and Mars for NASA in Hawaii. A year later, a portrait of evolutionary biologist Jaroslav Flegr.